Bernstein on Why TIME Caved

The fortuitous timing of a Watergate retrospective and the Plame investigation end game has allowed Carl Bernstein to reveal another bombshell, hidden for lo these many years. Recounting the time he was subpoenaed, Bernstein told Wolf Blitzer:

By then, my notes had been turned over to Katherine Graham, the publisher of 'The Washington Post,' who was also under subpoena. And Bradlee said that Katherine Graham is ready to go to jail, and I don't think the Nixon White House wants to have her in jail.

That is the difference between what Katherine Graham and the "Washington post" did and what "TIME" magazine [did].

No, that's the difference between Katie Graham and Norman Pearlstine. She had balls.

NOTE: Pretty much the only way we're going to be able to, uhm, keep it up for this story is to insert (ahem) as many cock jokes as possible. Please why couldn't have Fitzgerald subpoenaed Richard Blow?

WOLF BLITZER REPORTS, Watergate and Deep Throat [CNN]


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