Best Friday Ever

  • Set your alarm clock! Pre-orders for Apple's latest slickly packaged menstrual product for ladies commence on April 3. [CNET]
  • Huzzah, the government will stop subsidizing student lenders and will just make direct loans to students (if the budget bill ever passes)! [New York Times]
  • Beloved Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn won some other thing! [BBC News]
  • Harry Reid's wife and daughter were seriously injured in a car wreck, but they are both OK so feel free to make jokes about that as long as you are not David Denby. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Andrew Cuomo will no longer investigate precisely how corrupt New York Governor David Paterson is, as this investigation was ruining the appearance of impartiality, which Cuomo would like to maintain so that he can be governor. So some ex-judge will now be probing the blind gov, for fun. [AP]
  • People loaded up on worthless consumer goods in February, despite the blizzards. [BusinessWeek]

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