Best Steve Doocy Clip Ever Discovered With Basic YouTube Search


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Clip o' the century, folks, clip o' the century. Here is our favoriteFox & Friends star Steve Doocy wearing his mother's finest Christmas sweater in a DC local news segment from 1988. The story is about one "A-peeling Guy" trying to give the Washington Redskins a potato. BUT! BUT! According to the subject of the story, who posted this clip on YouTube, STEVE DOOCY INSULTED RONALD REAGAN.

Bob "A-peeling Guy" Golub's brilliant YouTube description:

In 1988 I went to the White House when Steve Doocy was a local reporter in Washington DC. He was assigned to cover me on the streets of Washington selling and giving out my Lucky Potatoes.(See my Lucky Potatoe video.) I was trying to give a Potatoe to Ronald Reagan because he was sick. On the way to the White House Steve Doocy said Reagan is a nut that will forget it anyway. I don't remenber every he said but it was nasty shit about President Reagan. How he is some Republican.BULL SHIT! Talk about the Godfather of the Republican party that way and now he dances to everything they want him to say. Oh, I have most of the video. FAKE

I did give one of my lucky potatoe's to the Redskins before going to the White House. Redskins won the Superbowl that year.

Wonkette DEMANDS Steve Doocy's resignation. His life has been one nasty, daywalking insult, to Ronald Reagan, the greatest American since Increase Mather.

Steve "Dochbag" Doocy is a fake I have proof and he is Liar!! [YouTube]


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