Best Wishes To Toot

  • Karl Rove says John McCain can still win the election, just like Al Gore did in 2000. [New York Times]
  • The Asian markets went down, down, down into the crapper this morning because everybody is afraid of a massive global recession. [MarketWatch]
  • Moderate Republican turncoat and former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld decided to endorse "that one." [AP]
  • Tony Perkins' Family Research Council is very upset with the RNC for pulling advertising support for two proud religious kooks. [The Hill]
  • Florida gears up for its quadrennial reaming of the American electoral process, offering a delightful menu of long lines and broken machines with a postprandial whiff of bureaucratic incompetence. A gay marriage amendment adds extra high turnout, and the added complication that many energized and motivated black voters oppose gay marriage, so -- good and bad at the same time, just like Florida. [Washington Post, Fort Myers News-Press]
  • Barack Obama is in Hawaii today, taking out the trash for his ailing grandma. [ABC News]

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