Betrayed Sanford Spokesman Joel Sawyer's Last Day On The Job


Remember the month of June, the month that happened a couple of months ago? The very best part of June was when a certain lovestruck Southern governor departed for a five-day solo Father's Day hike in the woods and returned warbling about the Argentinian sparkin' thing, much to the embarrassment of his spokesman, who had been assuring people he was on the Appalachian Trail.

So how, if you're that spokesman, do you come back from a PR triumph like that? You announce you're going to quit your job and "start your own business," which is what all unemployed people say they are doing while they sit around in their underwear until 2pm watching Days reruns on the Soap Network.

But not working at all is surely preferable to working for a douche like Mark Sanford, who was just an awful pain in the ass from Joel Sawyer's very first day on the job:

Sanford approached Sawyer — then a reporter with The (Spartanburg) Herald-Journal — shortly after winning election in 2002, hiring him as a speechwriter. Sawyer, who said he agreed with Sanford nine times out of 10 on issues, started the day after Sanford’s first State of the State speech. It drew criticism for a reference to Turkish leader Ataturk, whom many blame for the first modern genocide of Armenians and Christians.

Sanford’s preference to improvise speeches, Sawyer said, made life difficult as a speechwriter.

Congratulations, Joel! Today you leave the Sanford administration for good. May your PR consulting days be long, prosperous, and free from extemporaneously flatulent assholes.

Sanford spokesman ‘ready to move on’ [The State]


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