Beware, Conservatives! Fred Thompson Will Break Your Heart

Nice Dress, Mr. Thompson. - WonketteReal conservatives are getting very creeped out by all the Reaganific love for Fred Thompson, and they want you to know there's more to being a divorced senile old Hollywood actor than being a divorced senile old Hollywood actor, or something. Anyway, here's The Truth about Hollywood Fred:

* Nixon thought he was a moron.

* Everybody else thinks he's a moron, too.

* So fucking lazy.

* Amazingly stupid.

* Loves campaign-finance reform, which is un-American.

* Too stupid and lazy to get Bill Clinton even with kind of a real scandal (Chinese lobbyist stuff).

* Doesn't care about fiscal conservatives or the crazed liberal spending of the Bush Administration, because he's so stupid and lazy.

* Barry Goldwater would totally hate Fred Thompson.

* Before Reagan ran for president, he spent years hanging out with total right-wing conservatives. Fred Thompson just hangs out in gay bathhouses, because he's a homo.

Conservatives, Beware of Fred Thompson [Conservatives Betrayed]


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