Beware Turgid Purple Balls

  • The former CIA director and the former attorney general, the Michaels Hayden and Mukasey, do not approve of President Obama releasing those torture memos. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Sarah Palin spoke at a pro-life dinner thing last night about how she didn't get an abortion, even though she kinda wanted to that last time. [ABC News]
  • In Thailand, you can tell who's protesting what by looking at their shirts, and today the leader of the "yellow shirts" was attacked and grievously wounded. [New York Times]
  • Two moderate earthquakes in Afghanistan have killed 22 people so far. [CNN]
  • The last surviving Somali pirate from the attack on the Maersk Alabama -- a wee bairn of perhaps no more than 16 -- will be tried in New York for his pirate crimes. [Fox News]
  • "Inflatable fitness balls that might be key to toning your abs also could explode and send you crashing to the floor." [ABC News]

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