Bicycle Geek War Alert! (Was: Class War Alert!)

sizing reference, ehIf we had known that the item on John Kerry's expensive bicycle would be so controversial, we wouldn't have bothered with the dick joke.

OK, we probably would have. But still: People are quite worked up. . . a representative missive:

"As a well-informed fellow bicycual, I can attest that:

"1) Serottas top out at way over the prices mentioned.

"2) They are not the most expensive ones out there.

"3) I make way less than $100,000 per annum, and I have owned 2 Serottas in my lifetime, as well as other pricey and addictive mechanical toys such as Cuevas, Cannondales and Specialized.

"4) Like any addiction/obsession, price is not a barrier. Not that I am any fan of Kerry, I will NOT vote for him, (nor Bush), but for a man of wealth, he could have gone way more expensive than a Serotta. If anything, for his income bracket, it is rather frugal."

John Kerry: Chintzy bastard or elitist fuck? No matter. I'm sure the Bushies will go with whatever tests best.

Class War Alert! [Wonkette]


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