Biden, Dodd Grudgingly Return to Constituent Service

2 of 5Did you hear how there's this really tight Democratic majority in the Senate that isn't really enough to allow them to do very much? Gosh, it seems, then, like losing 4 Democratic Senators (and 1 "maverick" Republican) to the Presidential campaign might be problematic, especially if two of those 4 chair Committees! But now that Biden and Dodd are slinking back to D.C., they might actually get some of the work done that we're all paying them to do! Dodd's going to get back to maybe doing something about that ongoing mortgage crisis thingie, while Biden is going to weigh in on Pakistan and then get around to re-authorizing international AIDS eradication programs. So, don't cry any longer, Dodd daughters! Daddy's got other ways to save the world! [CQ Politics, The Examiner]


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