LIVE: Biden With The Ukraine Update

Lots going on with Russia's stupid and vicious war against Ukraine. What will President Joe Biden say about it when he speaks this morning?

We don't know, but here are a few Russia/Ukraine links for you to gander at in the meantime:

  • Axios is reporting that the White House will sell assets of Russian oligarch garbage to fund aid for Ukraine.
  • Biden is demanding a whole bunch more Ukraine aid from Congress, but it's going to get weird when it gets to Capitol Hill because some lawmakers want to package it with COVID aid.
  • Oh yeah, you hear Russia cut off natural gas exports to Bulgaria and Poland because they refused to pay in rubles and those countries are pretty much like PFFFFFFFFT? "We will not succumb to such a racket," said the prime minister of Bulgaria. Rachel Maddow said last night she thinks that, with this development, the jig pretty much is up on Russian energy going into the future, and Europe will look elsewhere.

Biden might talk about all those things and more!

Watch live:

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