How can that face be guilty of campaign finance violations?The Federal Election Commission has ordered Joe Biden's 2008 presidential campaign (ha!) to pay $219,000 back to the government after finding good ol' Joe made some record-keeping errors, used someone's charter plane without paying as much as he should have for it, and somehow raised too much money from some people. Yes, the campaign that barely managed to outraise Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel collected too much money from some of its inspired supporters.

Thankfully, somebody is still working at Joe Biden for President 2008, our country's most important cause, and that person has paid this fee back to your government. Hooray!

Biden also made the good decision of using, a sign-printing thing run by Alan Bernard, who was then the director of the Hawkeye Labor Council, the coalition of unions in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This was supposed to get you union support, secretly. But it turns out nobody liked Alan Bernard because he was addicted to meth and didn't do a great job running the local minor league baseball team, the Cedar Rapids Kernels. Then he pled guilty for forging a bunch of Hawkeye Labor checks.

Part of the problem with all these dumb campaign decisions was that "Joe the Biden" wasn't able to hire the best staffers, as everyone knew he couldn't win. But the joke is on those folks who worked for campaigns that did "better" than 0.9% of the vote, as those lame Biden staffers now work in the White House probably. Ha! [Washington Post]


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