Biden/Volcker Triumph Over Wall Street Fat Cats, For Now

Biden/Volcker Triumph Over Wall Street Fat Cats, For Now

Yay here is your Friday News Roundup ofsomebody else's News Roundup regarding Tim Geithner and Larry Summers getting beaten up by greybeards Joe Biden and Paul Volcker! Biden and Volcker are, combined, 150 years old and 150 feet tall; also they are liberal hippies.

For a year now Obama has held his nose and tut-tutted at the banks while trying to pass healthcare reform and "create or save" a few jerbs, and what does he get for it? Ten percent unemployment, no healthcare anything, a fucking naked Republican with daughters in clam-shell bras tap-dancing on Ted Kennedy's grave, and bankers happily reporting record profits and bonuses etc. WELL THIS WILL NOT DO. So: populism!

[Y]esterday’s Obama proposal to prohibit banks to use their deposit customers’ money to speculate on Wall Street was a repudiation of sorts of his two top economic advisers, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Larry Summers, both of whom argued against this proposal. Indeed, it appears that it was Vice President Biden and Paul Volcker teaming up against Geithner and Summers here.

Yay yay yay we cannot WAIT for the next Heilemann/Halperin installment -- Game Change, Year 1: In Which the Game Did Not Change -- where we learn that the sleeping mummy Paul Volcker was reanimated by an old Biden family gypsy incantation and sent to rescue Obama just before Larry Summers almost eated him. And then six million jobs were created or saved, the end.

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