Big Liberal Rally Looks Pretty Lame!


[youtube expand=1]

Feel the excitement! Maybe it was early? Or late? Or lame? Judging from the number of cell-phone pictures (zero) and tips (zero) we've received, it sounds like you're all as excited about the Big Libtard Rally as we are!

You know what's not fun, ever? PROTESTS. There's a reason people used to laugh at liberals, in the 1980s and 1990s: Because liberals did the protests, and protests are Earnest & Boring, unless they are Dramatic & Violent, or happened back when Protest People had dignity & self respect (Civil Rights & MLK Jr., Velvet Revolution, etc.) or at least had lots of super-fine hippie chicks and Black Panthers with enormous super-cool 'fros. Now everybody's ugly and dull. Sure, the Teabagger folks are also obese, racist and terribly old, so they have funnier protests. But when you go somewhere with a slogan on a sign, nobody wins.

Also, a very focused protest/charity event is happening today: Farm Aid! Not only is Farm Aid for a very good cause that Elitist American Tastes have finally caught up with (family farms growing a variety of crops to be sold locally), but Farm Aid has great music. Here is the Farm Aid video feed, so you won't feel so ashamed about the libtard rally. [BBC/Reuters]


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