Big Liveblogging Tonight! Until Then, Here's All Yer Palin Internet Crap


Gotta admit, we're feeling a teeny bit of pressure for tonight's liveblogging. The last time we remember the comedy stakes being anywherenear as high as this was the GOP YouTube Debate last November. (Memories!) (Sigh.) Come back at 8:30 ET for the pre-game liveblog! Until then, we've compiled the last two days' worth of YouTubes and widgets and websites and assorted Internet junk about Sarah Palin that you people make thousands of each day and then e-mail to us so that Ken can mark them all as spam. Well, here are your links, MERRY CHRISTMAS fuckaz.

Sarah Palin Origami, Sarah Palin Dress Up, Sarah Palin Sings "I Killed A Moose," Sarah Palin Sounds Like Lady From 'Fargo,' Sarah Palin Quotes Generator, Interview Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin Bingo, Sarah Palin Bingo: MSM version, Sarah Palin Dinosaur Art, Sarah Palin Amazon Wish List, Sarah Palin Movie Trailer, Politico's Sarah Palin Thing, Sarah Palin and Darth Vader, Sarah Palin Family Meeting, Sarah Palin Porno Casting Call, Pictures Of People Around The World Pretending To Be Sarah Palin, Sarah PALINdromes, Love Song To Sarah Palin, Two People Sit In Front Of Their Computer And Sing About Sarah Palin, (the ballad of) S.P.P, and lastly, another Sarah Palin Quote Generator.

People think Sarah Palin is funny.

UPDATE: Basically what Sarah Palin has done for the Internet is what Awesome-o did for the movie industry.

[youtube expand=1]


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