Bigger Than Jesus But Just As Misunderstood

I may be the only one haphazardly nudging Bono into the ranks of the vast right-wing conspiracy, but the unimprovably named J. Freedom du Lac of the Washington Post has got him groking with A.Q. Khan:

For all its intensity on the recent album "How to Build an Atomic Bomb," the song ["City of Blinding Lights"] absolutely exploded onstage, with the Edge's effects-laden guitar gaining thickness and urgency, and Bono pushing his sonorous, deeply soulful baritone higher and harder than on the studio version.

That's "How to DISMANTLE an Atomic Bomb," ya tuppence batpiss gobshite. And what a fact-checkable snafu to make with a song thusly titled. No wonder ElBaradei won the Nobel instead.

Listen, just because someone lunches with the current president, deploys transcendentalist Christian metaphors in his writing, and otherwise acts like a Colossus bestriding a stadium arena -- doesn't mean his politics are any less liberal. Bono hasn't changed, man. The world has.

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