Bigots Joining Together To Preemptively Discriminate Against Yucky Homosexuals

We dunno.

Gay-hatin' bigots, led by the gay-hatin' Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) lawyerin' group, have come up with a fun new tactic, for hatin' the gays. During most of 2015 we endured constant whining and GoFundMe-type fundraising appeals from people who got literally Holocausted when a gay person asked them to bake a cake or throw some flowers in a vase for a wedding. For conservative Christians, frosting and flower-arranging are high, divinely inspired art, apparently. The proliferation of those situations led to the rise of Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRAs), like the one in Indiana signed by Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence, which led corporations and celebrities to boycott the state, just like they're doing to North Carolina over its anti-trans potty law.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]But what about places where anti-LGBT discrimination, by law, is not allowed? What about those poor fundamentalists who will surely go to hell if they do a nice thing for a gay wedding, in exchange for money? We learned last week about a sexxxy calligraphy studio in Arizona that just got told by a judge that no, you cannot preemptively say you are not going to do fancy cursives with fancy pens for gay weddings. The lawyers for that calligraphy joint were, surprise, ADF. This lawsuit challenging Colorado's civil rights law is being brought by ADF too:

Lorie Smith runs 303 Creative LLC, a graphic and web design company based near Denver. She wants to be able to design webpages for clients’ weddings, but she wants to make very clear that she won’t design wedding sites for same-sex couples — and she doesn’t want to be in violation of the law for that refusal. The Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) makes it illegal to refuse service on the basis of sexual orientation or to advertise such discriminatory intent.

According to the complaint, “Lorie believes that God is calling her to promote and celebrate His design for marriage by designing and creating custom wedding websites for weddings between one man and one woman only.” She finds any contrary messages to be “highly objectionable,” because same-sex marriage “violates God’s will” and “harms society and children because marriage between one man and one woman is a fundamental building block of society and the ideal arrangement for the rearing of children.”

Oh god, what a dickhead. She, just like the calligraphy assholes, wants to be able to PREEMPTIVELY discriminate, instead of waiting for Lisa and Ginger to come in and say, "Hey, we are some lesbians and we'd like to give you dollars to rustle up a little Geocities website action for our impending nuptials," at which point Lorie Smith will suddenly know what Jesus felt like on the cross, and will experience the torture of getting eated by lions just like those Christians did in the olden timey days of Rome (allegedly).

As Think Progress explains, the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) both prohibits ACTUAL discrimination, and also prohibits posting notices that suggest that you INTEND to discriminate. These fundamentalists believe that if they put something up about God's design for one penis, one vagina marriage, then that's not discrimination, because it's just Bible words after all! (No it isn't.) But judges are like, "Yeah, what you are saying is NO QUEERSEXUALS ALLOWED, you are not fooling anyone." Let's look at the lawsuit and see if we are fooled by Lorie Smith's bullshit:

Because of her religious beliefs and her desire to affect the current cultural narrative regarding marriage that contradicts those beliefs, Lorie wants to use her talents and the expressive platform she has in 303 Creative to celebrate and promote God’s design for marriage as an institution between one man and one woman. Lorie believes that God is calling her to promote and celebrate His design for marriage by designing and creating custom wedding websites for weddings between one man and one woman only. As part of discharging her religious duty, Lorie also desires to explain her religious beliefs about marriage on her website and in communications with prospective clients, including why those beliefs prevent her from designing websites celebrating and promoting same-sex weddings.

Lorie Smith isn't discriminating against anyone, she just wants to feel free to tell everybody offering her moneys for her website designs why she hates fags, that's all. You are not fooled by Lorie Smith's bullshit, because you are not a damn moron.

Oh, another thing she is worried about is that she will have to be taken to the re-education camp to get re-educated about what a dick she is being. Isn't that what happened to that Colorado baker who didn't want to do homo wedding cakes? HE WAS NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN AFTER THAT. Just kidding, his website is right here. The Colorado Supreme Court told him to get bent, and now he wants to go to the Supreme Court, so they can tell him to get bent too. Oh, and he's still begging for bigot bucks.

When will these wingnuts learn that their places of business are not actually their churches, and that if they want to serve The Public, they have to follow all the laws that apply to The Public, and if they don't like it, they can do their fancy writing and website building AT CHURCH, where they're allowed to bar the doors to anyone they like, just like Jesus taught?

As long as there are hack law firms like Alliance Defending Freedom, ready to use any old idiot to further their societal agenda, the answer is fuckin' never.

[Think Progress / lawsuit]

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