Bill Clinton Abuses Power for Favors??

billorange.jpgThe New York Times published this fun Bill Clinton story today that's kind of like Syriana, or Blood Diamond or various other movies. In 2005, Bill Clinton accompanied friend and Canadian "mining financier" Frank Giustra to Kazakhstan, on a little publicized "philanthropy" visit aboard a very private jet plane. BUT MAYBE THEY HAD, HMM, ULTERIOR MOTIVES?

Bill Clinton praised Kazakh president Nazarbayev while there, which was odd, because the United States Government doesn't do that and more or less hates the man. Within two days, Giustra's company, UrAsia, won some major contracts with the state-owned Kazakh uranium agency, Kazatomprom -- this made little sense to "mining insiders," as UrAsia was not much of a company at all. Giustra made a lot of money and gave Clinton's foundation $31.3 million and later an extra $100 million.

...So don't vote for his wife? [New York Times]


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