Bill Clinton In a Roomful of Interns: Thinking Has Never Been So Sexy

Bill Clinton In a Roomful of Interns: Thinking Has Never Been So Sexy
    Here's your weekly think tank event roundup:

  • Tuesday, July 8: Of all of our failing wars, the War on Drugs may be the one that we can actually manage to win --  that is, if we no longer refer to it as a "war." On Tuesday at noon, the Cato Institute explains how this semantic change will enable us to overhaul drug laws so we can smoke freely with Bob Barr while eating foods loaded with trans fats.  Libertarians really want nothing but the best for America.
  • Wednesday, July 8: The New America Foundation seems to have hit upon a previously unknown concept: It sucks to be poor, and it sucks to work odd hours on odd jobs. At New America's event Wednesday at 11:30AM, a panel will explain this "no duh" concept, and they'll even propose a brilliant solution (don't worry, we won't spoil it for you).  They will not, however, explain why they insist upon only serving off-brand cookies at their lunchtime events. It sucks to be starving at a noontime event.
  • Wednesday, July 8: Obama headquarters, also known as the Center for American Progress, has a child, Campus Progress, and said child is hosting everyone's favorite former president (at least until 2012 or 2016), as well as John Oliver from the Daily Show, at the Campus Progress National Conference on Wednesday at 4:30PM. What could be better than listening to America's first first black president talk to a roomful of Obama-loving interns?
  • Thursday, July 9: And the paranoia continues .... At 2PM Thursday, AEI goes into overdrive assessing what would happen if the euro becomes more powerful than the dollar, because god forbid our dominance ever be challenged. For goodness sake, we just celebrated our 200-something year of independence, Obama is making friends with Russia and Sarah Palin is no longer Governor of Alaska -- we're going to be just fine.
  • Friday, July 10: The love affair between Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez has some thinking that, between Putin's dominance and Chavez' indiscriminate hatred for the United States, it might be time to actually pay attention to these guys' unyielding affection for each other.  This Friday at 10AM, CSIS looks at their relationship and asseses the not so good things that could come out of it.

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