Bill Clinton's Plan To Open Online Pharmacy Thwarted, For Now


  • Galileo proved ages ago that "crime increases proportionally with the height of housing project buildings," and after a thorough review by the Pontifical Council for Culture, the Catholic Church even forgave him for it. But guess what? Sonia-Maria Sotomayor grew up in the grandest housing project on the Eastern Seaboard, and she doesn't even sell dime bags! [John McWhorter]

  • Oh NO! The National Arbitration Forum ruled that Sneaky Joseph Culligan will be allowed to keep and a myriad of other domain names Bill Clinton desperately wanted for himself. [HuffPost]

  • There are unconfirmed Rumors on the Internets claiming Erick Erickson has reached his 34th year, which is pretty outrageous considering Jesus didn't even live that long. Whatever: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERICK! [RedState]

  • Observe the many ways in which Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan are frighteningly similar: Reagan invented Reaganomics, Obama invented Socialism. Reagan bought guns and gave them to right-wing death squads in Central America, Obama bought toxic bank assets and gave them to the Sandinistas. Can you think of two more examples, for extra-credit? [Washington Whispers]


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