Here's the fourth paragraph in today'soffering from New York Times "lightning rod conservative" columnist Bill Kristol: "The Siegessäule is an impressive structure (especially if you have a militaristic bent). It’s a large fluted sandstone column on a base of polished red granite, topped by a golden statue of winged Victory. Completed in 1873, it commemorates Prussia’s victories in the previous decade over Denmark, Austria and France. The column was lengthened and relocated to its present site in 1939." Well now you know more about the large cock in the middle of Berlin from which Barack Obama will deliver his Speech this week. This is what Kristol does to us.

He usually delivers an anecdote about finding an old book in an illiterate airport or that one time someone was stupid enough to offer him a commencement address, or he gives a space-killing history lesson. You read these things at the top of the page with his shit-eating columnist photo to the left. Then, a segue, about Barack Obama, and the Liberals, and you suddenly want to eat a pound of lead and die for a very long time.

OK, a five-paragraph block quote. We apologize. Be thankful, however, that we did not choose the paragraphs that followed:

I’m hoping it means that Obama in Berlin will go beyond the anodyne message his campaign advertised Sunday — a discussion of the “historic U.S.-German partnership” and strengthening trans-Atlantic relations. I’m wondering if Obama chose the Victory Column as his speech venue because he intends to make the case for ... victory.

There’s a precedent for this. As Obama knows, he’s been widely compared, especially in Europe, to another young, charismatic Democrat — John F. Kennedy. Perhaps Obama will choose to follow in Kennedy’s footsteps in Berlin.

When President Kennedy spoke to a huge crowd in front of West Berlin’s city hall in June 1963, victory in the cold war seemed a distant hope. The Soviets had crushed the East German uprising of 1953 and the Hungarian rebellion of 1956. Castro had taken power in 1959. The Berlin Wall had gone up in 1961. The Cuban Missile Crisis had brought the world to the brink of war less than a year before. There were many, in Europe and elsewhere, who wanted to find a way out of the struggle.

Speaking on behalf of “the world of freedom,” Kennedy challenged the anti-anti-Communists and the peaceniks. He chastised the “many people in the world who really don’t understand, or say they don’t, what is the great issue between the free world and the Communist world.” He rebuked those “who say in Europe and elsewhere we can work with the Communists.” To all of them, Kennedy memorably said: “Let them come to Berlin.”

Perhaps Obama — with the Victory Column at his back — will also challenge those who think it impossible to imagine victory today. Perhaps Obama will also warn of the temptation of assuming we can somehow avoid confronting the terrorists and jihadists, and those who support them.

Alas, Barack Obama has no interest in confronting the terrorists and jihadists, a.k.a. the Sunnis and Shiites in a civil war in their own country of Iraq.

Didn't the New York Times just reject John McCain's column because it didn't, uh, explain what VICTORY meant in the Middle East? And yet, here is William Kristol doing the exact same thing, but worse -- he makes us learn about BERLIN MONUMENT HISTORY before SHITTING OUT his FAKE POINT.

Imagine you had some money to spend on anything. You don't, and neither does the New York Times, but the New York Times is going to spend it anyway. They're going to give their tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Kristol, the terrible piece of shit responsible for the text quoted above. To make matters worse, they're not giving him this money just out-of-the-blue, as charity. They're going to give him all this money and let him write 1,000 words in their newspaper, explaining his thoughts, every single week. Can't they just pay him not to write in their newspaper ever again?

(Same with all the other columnists they have, but still.)

No Substitute for Victory [New York Times]


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