That honor would go to Paul Krugman, the liberal economist! While Kristol's column was a vague recap of some already well-aired "spins" on Obama's big South Carolina win, it wasn't his usual manic fascism, but still had lots of typos. It was just phoned in. Krugman, on the other hand, offers an interesting new angle to his famous Clinton obsession: Barry's campaign in 2008 is the exact same thing as Clinton's in 1992, and look how much shit Clinton had to eat when he took over! In other words, this fairy Obama is doomed for failure like Clinton, whose wife we should now elect.

I wasn't "politically active" in 1992, but I've read in history books that Clinton used some nasty tricks to win that nomination, and Barry is too pretty for that. Also, isn't Krugman admitting that the Clinton presidency was some kind of tragic mistake? But now he wants the wife? Congrats, brilliant liberal Paul Krugman -- Bill Kristol's column was better than yours today!

Lessons of 1992 [NYT]


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