Bill Kristol Launches Sequel To PNAC That Will Be Same Thing As PNAC


Even though Barack Obama is ramping up the Afghanistan war now, as well as the official policy towards Pakistan known as "Fucking Around," what we need is more wars, all the time, doesn't matter if they're major land wars or just playful warring. This must be done, because if we truly want the oppressed world to enjoy our freedoms, we must first kill them in wars. Comically evil Republican handyman Bill Kristol, for example, would like to see at least one new war every day. And to get his opinion out there -- because it's not like every major media publication gives him regular column space whenever he asks -- he has formed anew non-profit that is much like his old evil one, Project for the New American Century, the one founded during the Clinton years that went somewhat dormant during the Bush years when all of its members were busy invading Iraq.

Kristol's new group also has a benign-sounding name: The Foreign Policy Initiative. Why this group's goals could fall anywhere along the political spectrum! Here's the opening of its Mission Statement:

In 2009 the United States--and its democratic allies--face many foreign policy challenges. They come from rising and resurgent powers, including China and Russia. They come from other autocracies that violate the rights of their citizens. They come from rogue states that work with each other in ways inimical to our interests and principles, and that sponsor terrorism and pursue weapons of mass destruction. They come from Al Qaeda and its affiliates who continue to plot attacks against the United States and our allies. They come from failed states that serve as havens for terrorists and criminals and spread instability to their neighbors.

And sometimes they come prematurely.

The Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) is a newly formed, non-profit, non-partisan organization intending to qualify as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code that promotes:

* continued U.S. engagement--diplomatic, economic, and military—in the world and rejection of policies that would lead us down the path to isolationism;

* robust support for America’s democratic allies and opposition to rogue regimes that threaten American interests;

* the human rights of those oppressed by their governments, and U.S. leadership in working to spread political and economic freedom;

* a strong military with the defense budget needed to ensure that America is ready to confront the threats of the 21st century;

* international economic engagement as a key element of U.S. foreign policy in this time of great economic dislocation.

The warring shall start at the Cape of Good Hope and make its way up, freeing all of the various Africas, all those little countries or tribes or whatever they're called, the clicks, yeah -- free the fuck out of them, establish Markets, swim across the Indian Ocean and go to HMMMM, let's say India. Everyone good with India? Bomb India for a while, get some of those trained war monkeys to ride elephants and throw little bombs everywhere (lower costs, natch). Then what.... oh we'll deal with that later. (Australia?)

[The Foreign Policy Initiative]


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