Bill Maher Is Afraid of Muslim Anchor Babies


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Bill Maher wants to know if it's okay that he is afraid of Muslim babies. Why won't they get off his lawn, these Muslim babies? They are trying to take over his lawn ("England") and his old-man garden gnomes (atheists) with their adorable baby Sharia. Oh, you want this man to back down from his hatred of people who believe in something? He shall not, because he is Bill Maher. Groan.

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Apparently it is a Western value, you see, to stop people from naming their child "Mohammed." And apparently it is impossible for babies named "Mohammed" to love liberalism just as much as they love their religion.

"I would like to keep those values here," Maher says, apparently speaking via satellite in Britain. Okay! Let's all give Bill Maher a license to kill any baby he sees with a religious name! He seems to know precisely what the future will look like! [Salon/YouTube]


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