Bill O’Reilly Has Islamophobic Chat With Ladies On 'The View'


Even the Muslim ladies love himFor reasons which are quite frankly still unclear, the comely matrons of The View invited Bill O’Reilly to come on their show and gossip about the handsomeness of Barack Obama. Bill O’Reilly loves screeching into teevee cameras, so of course he accepted this gracious invitation. And obviously they didn't even get to talk about whatever they usually talk about on The View, because Bill O’Reilly just started shouting "Muslims killed us on 9/11!" over and over again and everyone got really upset, except for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who rubbed her nipples and moaned. Bill O’Reilly has a way with the ladies.

[youtube expand=1]

O’REILLY: Muslims killed us on 9/11!

GOLDBERG: Oh my God! That is so (expletive)

O’REILLY: Muslims didn’t kill us on 9/11? (crosstalk)

GOLDBERG: What religion was Mr. McVeigh?

O’REILLY: Muslims killed us on 9/11!

BEHAR: I don’t want to sit here.

And then Whoopi and Behar got up, punched O'Reilly in the dick (in their minds), and left.

Later, guy-on-MSNBC-apparently Dylan Ratigan recited a refreshingly not-dumb "why is Bill O'Reilly and the rest of America so dumb re: Muslims?" soliloquy on Joe Scarborough's coffee show.

So anyway. Bill O'Reilly made Whoopi Goldberg cry, probably. Never Forget! [ThinkProgress/Gawker]


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