Bill O'Reilly Is Very Peeved That People Found His Racist Rant Racist


So, Mr. O'Reilly here is really cheesed at You People for calling him a racist. All he did was point out that Barack Obama was reelected by a bunch of poor nonwhite people who want productive white Americans to give them All The Things, and then people started calling him bad names. Like "racist," which is certainly a new one for Bill O'Reilly that he has never been called before! But look, children, Mitt Romney came out just a week after the election and said pretty much the same things himself, as Mr. O'Reilly points out. It's just the truth! Nobody called Romney a racist (sure they did! Really! More than once!), but Romney also didn't actually come out and say "White America is over, man." He just implied it, like.

Let us parse Billo's thinking here: 20% of people who voted make under $30,000, and a lot of them receive "entitlements." 63% of them voted for Barry Bamz, which was his margin of victory! And so, people who like getting free stuff won that man the election. What's racist about that?

We would just like to take a brief moment here to wave goodbye forever to the meaning of "entitlement" as it was traditionally understood in American Political Discourse. Back in the olden days (roughly the 1970s), it was a fairly neutral term that simply meant, as one commenter at Language Log put it,

a program with a fixed set of rules to qualify for benefits, so that actual expenditure depends on changes in the number of people who qualify (or in the cost of the benefit, where it is in kind rather than cash) as opposed to decisions made in the annual budget process.

Thanks to Fox News and Mitt Romney, "entitlement" now apparently means "Welfare for bad people who suck the life out of productive Americans." Never mind that virtually all Americans receive gummint benefits, even as they think they don't and complain about lazy welfare people. As Nicholas Kristoff put it so brilliantly a while back,

We manifestly do have a problem with people who see themselves as victims even as they benefit from loopholes in the tax code.

One is running for president.

Ahem. So anyway, the simple truth for Bill O'Reilly is that bad lazy people getting gummint benefits are hurting the good hardworking people who get gummint benefits but totally DESERVE them to the point that they are actually earning them. There is nothing wrong with noting that a whole bunch of these bad gummint beneficiaries are kind of brownish, because that's simply a matter of demographic reality. And it's "vile" and a "disgrace" to suggest that O'Reilly has a skewed worldview, as the Washington Post did... in a couple of sentences of an editorial that was mainly about Mitt Romney. Let's keep in mind who the real victim is, here. It's Billo. It's always Billo.

In any case, it is very important to point out that only lazy people want free stuff. This is why no promise of FREE STUFF in big bright letters has ever moved a product or gotten someone onto a mailing list or bilked anyone out of their life savings.

[FoxNews via a tip from KidZoom--thanks, you! / WaPo / Newshounds]

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