Bill O'Reilly Offended That Glenn Beck Doesn't Think Gay Marriage Is a Problem


Bill O'Reilly had Glenn Beck on his show last night, and he seems threatened that Beck sees no reason to cover culture-war issues and very threatened that Beck doesn't care if gay marriage is legalized. "Do you believe -- do you believe that gay marriage is a threat to the country in any way?" O'Reilly asked. "No. Are the gay -- will the gays come and get us?" Beck responded. And thus a strange pattern of Glenn Beck making sense continues.

It's funny when Bill O'Reilly makes fun of Glenn Beck for reporting on important Calvin Coolidge news, but it also shows how Bill O'Reilly is sort of mystified and jealous that dumb ol' Glenn Beck can get his crazy viewers to tune in for reasons other than to get riled up about their old mainstays, abortion and the gays. Bill O'Reilly has jumped the shark. Crazy comes from within, Bill. It cannot be faked.

Somewhere Bill O'Reilly is rubbing his genitals with a loofah and watching Glenn Beck's show, crying. [Fox News]


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