Bill O'Reilly Pretty Sure This Gay Colorado Lawmaker Wants To Molest All The Kids


So it looks like, with Glenn Beck gone, Bill O'Reilly has happily returned to his role as "the craziest one on Fox," what with theincoherent yelling at Alan Colmes and the confusion about basic facts and all that. And we all remember how much fun he had calling Dr. George Tiller America's Mengele, until somebody stepped up and murdered him, at least. So now, Billo has decided that the Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, Mark Ferrandino, must be a big fan of child molesters, since Ferrandino was part of an effort to kill a bill that would have imposed a mandatory 25-year sentence for child sexual assault. Oh, and did we mention that Ferrandino is gay? Billo really does not like that, and so he suggests that Ferrandino's opposition to that bill and his support of gay marriage are somehow linked, probably because of all the gay-married child molesters out there.

The proposal, called "Jessica's Law" after a murdered girl, was actually opposed by a wide coalition of law enforcement and victims' advocacy groups because Colorado already has tough laws against child molestation. But the existing laws are flawed in three very important ways: 1) They are nuanced and allow judges and juries to impose a range of possible sentences to fit the severity of the offense (including a maximum life penalty); 2) They do not have a catchy name that honors a victim of a horrible crime; and 3) They were not part of Bill O'Reilly's campaign to "get Jessica's Law passed in all 50 states." So even though Rep. Ferrandino killed a bill that would not have actually toughened Colorado's protections for children, he clearly must be up to something.

In two separate episodes of The O'Reilly Factor, Billo has gone after Ferrandino, accusing him of "not protecting kids" and calling him “a big gay marriage guy… big marijuana legalizer.” And of course, Ferrandino gets treated to an ambush interview by an O'Reilly producer.

For some reason, O'Reilly doesn't also suggest that other opponents of "Jessica's Law," such as the Colorado District Attorneys' Council, Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and Colorado Office of the Public Defender, are also in league with child molesters. But his attacks on Ferrandino do seem to be having some effect, as the Denver Post reports -- Ferrandino has received a number of angry emails, "including one that he said was from a viewer telling him he hoped Ferrandino's 14-month-old foster daughter gets raped."

Our question is, since Colorado law is already tougher than the "Jessica's law" proposal, why is Bill O'Reilly agitating for a law that actually goes easier on sexual predators?

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