Bill O'Reilly's Terror Fantasies

Bill O'Reilly's Terror Fantasies

In Bill O'Reilly's secret world, he bravely keeps one step ahead of the Al Qaeda terrorists sent to New York to kill him. Luckily, the FBI is regularly warning O'Reilly of the specific threats against our greatest American hero. That's what the Fox News clown tells Baba Walters in a very special edition of "20/20," at least.

But in the reality-based reality, the FBI and even Fox News management laughs at his retarded fantasy life. And an exec at a competing network tells Radar, "That sounds like absolute bullshit to me -- it's typical O'Reilly."

(We are NOT promoting Barbara Walters, Bill O'Reilly, ABC or Fox News in this post. If you want to watch such things, we can't legally stop you. But we can tell you the only funny part, thus saving you the trouble of watching the teevee.)

Bill O'Reilly's Death Wish [Radar Online]


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