Bill Richardson Loses Weight, Wears Stupid Cowboy Necklace

Hippie still needs a haircut. - WonketteHillary's hated by everyone, Gore's apparently really actually not running and Obama's "unproven" (black). So who will be the 2008 Democrat to lose the election to the Gannon/McClellan ticket? Bill Richardson and his horse!

While he's polling at around -3% today, it's conceivable that all the other candidates will literally kill each other between now and next February and Richardson will get the nomination by default. But the glory days of William Howard Taft have sadly passed, so fat guys don't get to be president. Bill went on a diet.

Richardson has reportedly lost 30 pounds, but he continues to burden his horse with the extra weight of a jackass "bolo tie" that all western U.S. politicians are compelled to wear.

Giddyup, Sundance [Washington Whispers]


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