Bill Richardson Needs Directions For Living

Hmm, do you catch any trace of a smile on Bill Richardson's face in this photo? Barack clearly doesn't want to shake his hand -- he doesn't know what kind of Tijuana hellholes that burly paw has been in. At some point in Richardson's endorsement speech, however, he was supposed to turn towards Obama and smile. We know this because the Obama campaign gave out copies of Richardson's speech to the press, but forgot to delete this stage direction: "[Turn toward Obama and smile]." Richardsonbot, fail.

Ha ha way to confirm 50 different stereotypes about politicians:

I know Senator Obama well.

I first got to know him when I chaired the last Democratic National Convention, where he gave that wonderful keynote address.

And then, last year, as we campaigned against each other for the Presidency, I came to fully appreciate his steadfast patriotism and remarkable talents.

I also felt a kinship with him because we both had one foreign-born parent and we both lived abroad as children.

In part because of these experiences, Barack and I share a deep sense of our nation's special responsibilities in the world.

[Turn toward Obama and smile]

Barack Obama, you are an extraordinary leader who has shown courage, sound judgment and wisdom throughout your career.

You understand the security challenges of the 21st century, and you will be an outstanding Commander in Chief.

[via Marc Ambinder]


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