Bill Richardson Threatens 'Nuclear 9/11' & Al Gore's Life

He's going to find Al Gore and kill him, with Jim Webb's gun - WonketteYou're not a serious candidate until you start crazy fear-mongering so idiots voters know you're Tough On Terrorism. That's why a somewhat likable like Bill Richardson had to ramp up his campaign today by threatening Americans with a "nuclear 9/11."

Richardson, who couldn't even keep track of laptops when he was Energy Secretary, says as president he will secure the world's nuclear weapons to stop the constant accidental terrorism nuke attacks that are such a regular feature of our lives today.

As a moderate governor of a Western state who has a ton of foreign policy experience -- the Bush White House actually sends him over to keep North Korea calm -- Richardson might be a decent president if he could get the nomination. He even managed the magical combination of being both Mexican and Tough on Illegal Immigration. He could even end up being the Last Man Standing after Hillary & Barry Hussein & Elizabeth Edwards ruin each other ... but only if Al Gore stays out of it. This is Richardson's chilling message to the popular ex-veep:

"I like Al Gore, he looks very healthy and prosperous," Richardson said with a laugh. "He should stay where he is."
Richardson: 'Nuclear 9-11' Is Possible [AP]

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