Bill Richardson Using Slavery For Final Push

of course i want fries with thatIf you're a state employee somewhere that isn't New Mexico, consider yourself lucky -- at least you don't have some tubby loser of a boss enslaving you! Said overseer is teh Messican candidate Bill Richardson, who is asking his employees to take some time off during the holidays to campaign for him in Iowa. No pressure though... unless you want to like, keep your job and stuff... Oops! I said nothing.

Certain state employees were wooed with a campaign lunch, as well as e-mails and voicemails -- seriously -- asking for the help. Richardson has avoided the first major fuck-up by not granting extra leave for willing employees -- then the state would be paying for Richardson's campaign. Still, what kind of a dick boss pulls this stunt:

Critics say Richardson's appeal for campaign volunteers makes it difficult for state workers to say no to their ultimate boss.

"You just hope that none of these employees are feeling compelled to do this out of fear of what might happen if the governor doesn't win the presidency and comes back to the state and then starts trying to count who helped him and who didn't help him," said Scott Darnell, a spokesman for the state Republican Party.

Umm, yeah? Maybe if the ex-Congressman/Ambassador/Secretary Gov. Richardson had ever held a real job, he'd know that this is inappropriate management practice.

Richardson Asks State Workers for Help [AP]


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