Billionaire TeeVee Sensation More Popular Than Well-Known Mormon

  • Tacky hairpiece Donald Trump has a higher teevee/approval rating than Mittens, Tim Pawlenty and John Boehner, according to a new WSJ/NBC poll. Nine percent of those polled had a "very positive" opinion of The Donald, while seventeen percent were "somewhat positive" about having this reality teevee joke run for president, for a combined total of twenty-six percent. If Donald Trump and Sarah Palin run for the Republican nomination, MTV gets to televise the debates -- moderated by Charlie Sheen -- as specified in the U.S. Constitution. Also: Why does America hate itself? [NBC]
  • Hamid Karzai did not accept David Petraeus' apology after a NATO air strike killed nine children. Time to find a new puppet president! [CNN]

  • TODAY'S BUTT PADDLE NEWS: In Texas, "student athletes can get paddled for disrespecting their teachers or coaches." [McClatchy]


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