Bipolar Ex-Prostitute Senate Staffer? Ma'am, That Could Be Anyone

So -- big Iraq speech, poll numbers still plummeting, '06 and '08 campaigns starting to heat up, it's shaping up to be a pretty big week. In a boring, exactly-like-the-last-few-weeks sense. Meanwhile, over on craigslist, real human drama continues to be played out daily:


Answers to her dilemma are welcome, of course (we're gonna toss out a "no, probably not," but we're no Carolyn Hax, so you needn't listen to us), but, obviously, we're more interested in her job. All right, people, whose office has the pregnancy-faking crazy chick?

Oh, and ma'am, we're a little curious about the... chronology of your brief narrative. You faked a pregnancy, then faked a miscarriage, then hooked, is that right? Wouldn't you have felt like you'd gotten back at this gentleman after any one of those actions? Not to criticize the sound dramatic structure of your crazy revenge triptych.

Our guess is Hutchison. For the writer, we mean.

Bipolar ex-prostitute working on the hill seeks second chance [craigslist]


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