Birds and Untimely Death At the Theater This Weekend

  • Tonight Friday, June 24: To mourn the passing of the King of Pop, you can try to snag tickets to Who's Bad the "World's No. 1 Michael Jackson cover band" at the 9:30 Club tonight (a concert that was coincidentally scheduled prior to his death). Unfortunately, no Charlie's Angles marathon was randomly scheduled for this weekend, so if you want to mourn Farrah Fawcett's passing -- lest we forget that TWO celebrities died yesterday, just like when Princess Di and Mother Teresa died on the same day -- you can transport yourself back to the '80s and head to Rosslyn for a screening of Footloose at the "I love the '80s" Film Festival. YES IT'S A STRETCH, but being nostalgic for the '80s is a reputable way to mourn anyone's passing. [9:30 Club,"I Love the 80's" Flm Festival]
  • Tonight through Sunday, July 5: If you're a glutton for tragedy and despair, you should check out The Year of Magical Thinking, a play that about a woman who is coping with the death of her husband and daughter. Nothing says lighthearted summer fun like a real tearjerker. [The Studio Theater]
  • Tonight through Sunday, July 12: Ever eager to recognize that DCers have multiple interests, the Source Festival is a three-week-long series of events that includes plays from over 300 artists. There are plays for those among us with ADD (these would be the 10-Minute Plays), for procrastinators (Project 24/7: plays put together in 24 hours), for those who love Girl Talk (Mash Ups: collaborative plays created by different artists), and, finally, plays for who people who simply like plays (Full-Length readings). [Source Festival]
  • Tonight through Sunday, July 19: There comes a point where self-deprecation just isn't funny anymore, as proven by Theater J's adaption of The Seagull, a play by the great Russian play write Anton Chekhov. There are simply too many jokes about "goys," as well as randomly dispersed snippets of R.E.M. classics and a too-close-for-comfort relationship between mother and son. The play does, however, redeem itself with a spectacular and dramatic conclusion. [Theater J]
  • Closing Sunday, June 28: The combination of humor, death and birds works surprisingly well in Five Flights, a play about what should become of a deceased woman's aviary. The play takes a comedic look at what children should do with their parents things after they pass, even if it means dealing with animals. Tickets are $30. [Theater Alliance]

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