Birds of a Feather: Tony Snow, Linda Tripp, Lucianne Goldberg

Tony Snow, by accepting the position of White House press secretary, is entering the pages of history. But he has been there before -- at least in the footnotes -- thanks to the company he keeps.

Here's an excerpt from an FBI investigative report from L'Affaire Lewinsky (remember that?):

[Lucianne] GOLDBERG advised that in the Summer of 1996, she was introduced to LINDA TRIPP. GOLDBERG and TRIPP share TONY SNOW as a mutual friend. SNOW contacted GOLDBERG and said he had a friend interested in doing a book. TRIPP talked with GOLDBERG and explained she was interested in writing a book on her experiences working in the BUSH and CLINTON White Houses. GOLDBERG and TRIPP arranged a meeting sometime later in the Summer of 1996.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

You miss those days, dontcha? Well, we do too. Too bad the blogosphere didn't exist back when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke...

FBI 302 [pdf]


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