Birther ‘Gary Kreep’ Actually More Fortunately Named Than California Judgeship Opponent


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There are still so many absentee ballots left to count in birther Gary Kreep's race for a San Diego judgeship, and he and his opponent are 56 votes apart. Kreep, seen in the video above exhibiting the kind of impartiality and fairness and logic and sense which Californians so esteem in their jurists, is well schooled in law and courtrooms as he has been suing Barack Obama for eternity for his many crimes against humanity (being blah) while simultaneously Hatfield and McCoying with the woman whose skull is a hummingbird graveyard, one birther/lawyer/dentist/real estate agent/cosmetologist Ms. Frau Doktor Orly Taitz.

But in what other ways is Gary Kreep super-duper-unbiased and shit? So very many ways.

Kreep was the attorney for Personhood Nevada, an anti-abortion political organization that attempted to circulate a petition to prevent "discrimination against the unborn," according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. A judge threw out the petition in December because the language was too vague.

In 2009, Kreep launched, a site dedicated to protecting then-FOX commentator Glenn Beck from boycotts and attacking activist Van Jones, and others reported.

Kreep was the lead attorney in a lawsuit to invalidate same-sex marriage licenses and was part of the conservative legal team observing the Proposition 8 vote tally.

Oh, right. And the dude Gary Kreep may or may not beat to be a California judge has lived since birth with the name Garland Peed.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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