Birthers Demand Evidence That Obama's Baseball Pitch Was Valid And Official

  • Judge Sonia Sotomayor betrayed not a hint of emotion under intense and occasionally offensive questioning on Tuesday -- leaving Republicans the perfect opening to argue that cyborgs cannot be appointed to the bench under Sam Brownback's proposed new legislation. [New York Times]
  • President Obama would like to pump $12 billion into our faltering community colleges. [Washington Post]
  • The House health-care reform bill, which in no way resembles whatever legislation will eventually be passed, proposes to tax millionaires more heavily. And that is why it will never be made into law. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Speaking of eating the rich, everybody get ready for another gush of public bile over Goldman Sachs' most recent compensation figures. [New York Times]
  • A dozen dead bodies found dumped along a mountain road in Mexico were identified as federal agents. [BBC News]
  • President Obama's opening pitch at the All-Star Game just barely made it to the plate, with a little help from Albert Pujols. []

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