Birthers' Grand New Strategy: No Matter Where Obama Was Born, He Can't Be President


As the election of America's first "half-white" president nears its second anniversary, things still aren't going that swell for the shrinking team of furious dingbats who hoped to sue Barack Obama out of the White House because his dad was an African black person. Fortwo years, the teabaggers' most prominent intellectual arm has waged a low-level courtroom war (mostly by email forwards) aimed at proving Barack Hussein Obama is not a citizen of America because he is a black person, and black people are -- under the Original "O.G." Constitution -- simply slaves, worth only 3/5 of a normal fat white person, by body weight.

Also, the Birthers stuck to the claim that Barry Obama's birth at a Hawaiian hospital was actually part of an elaborate conspiracy that went on for five decades with the help of U.S. newspapers, a U.S. state government and the doctors, nurses and administrators of an American hospital in Hawaii ... all to groom a Soviet Muslim Alien for the presidency, because the conspirators wisely predicted (in 1961, when millions of American black kids still weren't allowed to attend white schools or dine in white restaurants) that by 2008 the nation would be ready to choose a black person as a major-party nominee and then elect that same black person as America's first African-American president. Genius!

Having successfully bamboozled the gullible, black-loving American populace on this whole "Hawaiian live birth" thing, the Soviet-Half-Muslin conspirators must think it's just going to be easy times until 2012, when they plan to "elect" a gay Hindu robot-sex marijuana-selling dog-lady Palestinian as president. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, SORRY LIBS.

The Truthers have decided that the Founding Fathers probably meant to exclude Obama, in the Constitution, but they just forgot! These explosive new charges are part of, obviously, a new book by World Net Daily:

The authors concluded Obama may not be eligible regardless of his place of birth. The book recommends further legislative and judicial debate.

See, the president is supposed to be a "natural born citizen." And had the Founding White Fathers only remembered to explain what that means ("not black"), then Obama couldn't be president!

However, no definition of "natural born citizen" – which is only used in the presidential requirement clause – was provided anywhere in the Constitution, and to this day the precise meaning of the term is still being debated.

There are no records of any definitive discussion on the matter during the Constitutional Convention. That – coupled with the absence of definitive Supreme Court rulings and a wide array of opinions throughout the centuries – has only further confused the question of what "natural born" actually means.

Still, the authors found that according to the framers of the Constitution as well as Supreme Court rulings, Obama does not fit the eligibility requirements.

Take that, blacky. [World Net Daily]


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