Bitchin' Pool Party At the White House!

whitehouseparty01.jpg"Get out, kid. It's not too late."

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES of Lesley (daughter of Tom) Ridge's wild, outta control graduation party at the White House! Which looks like it may have been attended by upwards of four people! (We don't mean to judge too harshly -- grad parties are just for your parents' friends/bosses to give you cash and ask where you're going to college, and we know that when we were that age, our more fun friends never woulda gotten past the security checkpoint, let alone into the East Wing)

Seriously, don't let Laura Bush plan your graduation party. Though we're sure she'll cut you a pretty hefty check. Couple more photos (cause you know this shit's getting deleted), after the jump.





White House Party [Webshots]


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