Bitter Michelle Malkin Is Looking For Something To Cling To!


  • Here is your President -- ha ha, no, the other one: "George" -- congratulating Barack Obama. [Ben Smith]
  • Hysterical manchild Eric Cantor, whose feelings were hurt by terrible bully Nancy Pelosi, is throwing his name into the House Republican Whip hat. [RedState]
  • Michelle Malkin will have none of this dumb "GOP re-branding," which is just a fancy vapid David Axlerod-ism. The fundamentals of the Party, clearly, are strong. [Michelle Malkin]
  • A bunch of elitist four-year college professors suggest books that Obama should read, now that he's President and has so much more time for leisure. [Inside Higher Ed]
  • Meet Obama's all-star transition team! Starting lineup includes Janet Napolitano, John Podesta, and that new puppy that Obama has pinky-sworn to Sasha and Malia. [Marc Ambinder]
  • There are about 9 billion humans on Earth right now (not counting Joe Lieberman or his multitude of evil hologram clones.) In 1830, it was just 1 billion. [The Caucus]

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