Bitter Voters Will Elect Ralph Nader, In Michigan!

Gonzo got a job!Ralph Nader really wants to ruin this election, too, so he is apparently running for president again. And guess what? The bitter, poor, unemployed and probably communist voters of Michigan (a "failed state") are supposedly throwing 10% of their votes away on "Nader-Gonzales." Well, at least Alberto Gonzales found a job. Read the exciting campaign update from Ralph the Mouth, after the jump.


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Nader at Ten Percent in Michigan

Ralph Nader is polling at ten percent in Michigan.

A poll by Lansing-based EPIC-MRA shows McCain 46 percent, Clinton 37 percent and Nader at ten percent.

With Obama in the race, the poll shows Obama at 43, McCain at 41 and Nader at eight percent.

These Michigan results are reflected in national polling.

A Fox poll last month showed that about one in seven voters - 14 percent - say they would "seriously consider" voting for Ralph Nader.

In an e-mail message to supporters today, the Nader/Gonzalez campaign said they were close to securing matching funds. For the message to supporters, see:

There's only one problem: Michigan already had its primary, and it didn't even count. Why the hell is Nader sending out press releases about his polling numbers in Michigan?

We imagine it's either because a) Ralph is senile and has no idea when the primary was held, or b) This was the only state where anybody supported him for anything, because of his love for Detroit's Corvair.


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