'Blackberry Malarkey' Spreads Abroad

Campbell172.jpgLet us raise our gaze from the morass of D.C. for just one moment, and consider a D.C./U.K. exchange program. They can have, say, Joe Trippi (please?), and we'll take former Blair spokesman and Labour party campaigner (and stylish, if aggrieved, hottie) Alastair Campbell, currently the subject of a Blackberry scandal:

The message, from [Campbell's] portable Blackberry emailer, had been intended for a colleague. It read: "Fuck off and cover something important you twats!" In a second email to the BBC he blamed his mistake on the fact he was "not very good at this email Blackberry malarkey", adding: "Campbell swears shock. Final sentence of earlier email probably a bit colourful and personal considering we have never actually met but I'm sure you share the same sense of humour as your star presenter Mr P[axman]."

Campbell suffers the curse of the Blackberry emailer [Guardian]


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