BlackBerrys Tearing Apart Our Most Attractive Families

fahrscreend2.jpgFrom yet another piece on CrackBerry addiction (new angle: it makes you a bad parent!) comes this bit of famous family fun:

Christina Huffington, 17 years old and the older daughter of the Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington, introduced the topic of her mom's constant emailing during a session with the family therapist. Her mother carries two BlackBerrys with her at all times. She looks at them while shopping and doing the downward-dog pose in yoga practice. "I had the feeling that my mom never listened to me," Christina says. The therapist advised that the family dinner table be an email-free zone. Still, Christina has her own BlackBerry -- a gift from her mother -- and she often uses it to communicate with her mom.

Ok, Arianna -- we realize you're busy and important and running an internet site and all that, but two BlackBerrys? Your hot daughters need your attention!

(The dude from BlackBerry manufacturers RiM says, "would you rather have your parents 20% not there or 100% not there?" That's pragmatism.)

BlackBerry Orphans [WSJ]


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