Certain bloggers have raised doubts about the authenticity of the press release we cited earlier, "Black Gay Republicans Break with Log Cabin Republicans, Endorse Bush." They point out that to the extent the organization, the Abraham Lincoln Republicans, exists, it exists in the mind of "Don Sneed," who, according to the Dallas Voice, "has come to the conclusion that God’s existence can be proven through a number." He also believes that gay marriage is wrong and that to support it is to support "the White gay community. . . one of America's last strongholds for White Supremacy."

And then there's the guy in the organization whose name is Faggett.

Sure, this raises a lot of questions, but surely, there must be some gay black Republican Bush-supporters out there, no? The press release is fake but accurate.

Local man devises ‘God number’ [Dallas Voice]

Outraged & Angry Black Gays Stage Third Day of Demonstrations and Protest Marches Against Alleged White Gay Racism & Marriage for Gays [MarketWire]

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