Blago Refuses To Quit Feeding Ravenous Media Maw


It has been nearly a week and still the Illinois goofball Blagojevich forces his hapless toady, spokesman Lucio Guerrero, to say silly things to reporters like, “He has no plans of resigning today or tomorrow. He still signs bills as governor, and he wants to see details.” Ha ha ha everybody knows that the governor of Illinois does not "sign bills" or "see details," because he is too busy holding billion-dollar auctions for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Senate seat. And every time Guerrero says one of these foolish things, it just gives dumb bloggers more posts to write.

It didn't help yesterday that Lisa Madigan, the very severely coiffed Illinois Attorney General, fueled speculation on Meet the Press that Blagojevich was going to resign. But then it turned out that she was just repeating terrible MEDIA RUMORS started by irresponsible news outlets like the Chicago Sun-Times.

If Blagojevich had any brains at all he would have resigned during the season finale of Survivor last night. Sunday news dump!

Resignation Is Rumored; Response Is a Firm ‘No’ [New York Times]


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