Blago's Bag Of Tricks Is Empty

  • Hey Israel, it just makes you look bad when you keep the Red Cross from rescuing hundreds of survivors buried under those houses in Gaza you just razed. [Washington Post]
  • "Financial industry lobbyists ... vowed to fight legislation aimed at easing up on homeowners facing foreclosure." Have these people learned nothing? [New York Times]
  • Barack Obama's transition team has signaled he's open to low-level talks with Hamas. [Guardian]
  • Bits of southern California had a leetle earthquake last night. One lady's roof suffered slight damage. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Senate Democrats are not so sure the more Republican-sounding elements of Barack Obama's stimulus package (tax rebates and credits) will actually work. [BBC News]
  • Rod Blagojevich, having "outfoxed" Harry Reid by making the simplest and most obvious dick move he could, may find his luck is finally running out. [ABC News]

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