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It's Complaints From People We Made Fun of Yesterday Day here at Wonkette.

Up first, Washington Times opinion page editor Tony Blankley. Tony was featured in our blog roundup yesterday, and he's none too happy about it:

Dear Wonkette,

Just a small tip: I didn't blog. I wrote a column for the Washington Times, syndicated by Creators. You may have read it in digital form -- but it was not a blog -- not that there is anything wrong with that. By the way, for just a quarter you can buy the Washington Times in the processed tree version, and enjoy the full tactile impact.

Cheers ("smugly")

We regret the error. The suggestion that you had "blogged" was due to an editing error. It will not happen again.

To make it up to you, we are sending you one of these. What's your size?

(We note that you didn't comment on the latte line)

(Also: Tony, you're overpaying!)

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