• Andrew Sullivan will not rest until he is personally able to perform an autopsy of Jett Travolta, which will conclusively prove that Trig Palin is the lovechild of Martin Amis and Sherry Johnston. [Andrew Sullivan, Andrew Sullivan, Andrew Sullivan etc.]
  • Vampiric monster Barack Obama would like to drink the blood of America's white Christian children now please. His gay logo will shed crimson emo tears until everyone complies. [Ben Smith]
  • Joe and Jill Biden couldn't get into a sold-out showing of the Benjamin Button film, and everyone else was too thrilled about a three hour, no-violence love story based on a mediocre Fitzgerald story to even notice. [Daily Kos]
  • If you were turned away from a fancy change.gov job, there are several other jobs available in America right now, at the FBI! [HuffPost]
  • PA Governor Ed Rendell probably did a lot of the same corrupt things with the same corrupt people as failed Dauphin of Mexico, Bill Richardson. [TPMMuckraker]

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