Bleep Bleep ... What Dangerous Thing Was Bush Jabbering About?

Oh, shit, I wasn't 'sposed to mention that, was I? - WonketteYes, the "live" feed of Bush's press conference was apparently bleeped on all the cable-news stations, about 15 minutes in. And it wasn't just to cover a quick "Fuck y'all" either -- it apparently covered five or six words (or syllables).

We're working on getting a bleep-free clip; we think the bleep wasn't on CNN. It may be impossible. For a little while, we assumed he cussed at a reporter. Bush has a notoriously vulgar mouth. But then a Wonkette Operative suggested he blurted something that compromised national security. Did he blab something about the next 9/11?

And this is the really outrageous part: All the networks have Bush on a time delayed feed. Think about this: Bush is apparently such a danger to Them that he's not even allowed to speak live on TV. If you've got a clip, send it!

UPDATE: He didn't say anything of obvious importance -- unbleeped on several feeds -- but it was probably the code word for the terrorists.


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